Deus B&B is an international transport company, owns a modern fleet consisting of new vehicles. Our trucks are equipped with new technology, phones and GPRS systems and they can be located at any point of the journey. We offer trucks that are capable of carrying high value goods.

We are specialized in the transport of large and heavy loading with height-up to 3 meters. These vehicles have a large loading    space, which is very necessary for some customers that have requirements for transportation of specific goods.

Vehicle type MEGA TRUCK

- Trailer 13.60*2.50*3.0m
- Maximum number of Euro-pallets 34
- Loading capacity26t





The foundation of our company for transportation due to the family initiative that from the moment of its establishment to this moment has a several years of experience in the transport business on  national and international level. The company was founded in 1998 and so far we continue follow the developments in transportation and new technology, we have experience and many customers that friendly responsibly and professionally cooperate.



str.Vladimir Komarov 38-4/18,
1000 Skopje

Phone +389 (0)2 2465 146 
            +389 (0)2 2465 131

Fax.     +389 (0)2 2457 435
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The fundamental reason for our success is that the owners are managing the business and it will continue in the future We are prepared for effective response not only to the extent of our transport business but also in other extra things transportation.